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AKOS Dis Ticaret Ltd. Sti. is one of the biggest aluminium systems manufacturer that grows fast with AKOS brand name in the world market since 2006. AKOS Smart Aluminium Railing Systems has been recognized in five continents and dozens of countries and have been accredited by international certifications.


One of the main key factors that ensure company’s growth with fast and solid steps is its quality and quality consistency. Company is aware of the importance of quality and set it as priority. It organizes all operation process and schedule based on healthy and trustworthy serial production. Each stage of the production is managed according to ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.


The AKOS brand, which is completely focused on the foreign markets, brings the future to the highest level with the innovation and qualified human resources. Experienced technicians and engineers organize all standard and custom production process by preparing detailed architectural solutions for every different market and culture.


AKOS Smart Aluminium Railing Systems are an indispensable part of artistic and modern designs with the priority of environmental awareness and life safety.


Today we are proud of serving better and being solution partners of our customers with our long-term based experience, new production areas, high technology machinery parks, effective staff and wide range of high quality products.

AKOS is developing its products to serve and support their customers’ needs with the principles below:

• Fast Delivery

• High Quality Products

• Flexible and Special Production

• Advanced Design

• Competitive Pricing

• Customer Satisfaction

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Aluminium Accessories

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