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Integrity – Honesty – Transparency; We always follow the principles of honest and transparency in our behaviors within the business areas of Akos companies.

Justice – Equality; We treat all our partners to be fairly each other and avoid discrimination.

Respect for Commercial Rights; We respect the reputation and business rights of others.

Independence; We always implement independent decisions from people and organizations outside of the our institution.

Variation; We have respect to different cultures and perspectives.

Human Rights; We are committed to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.



We act in accordance with international export, import and trade laws in our commercial activities. We comply with all global trade controls and international export and import laws and regulations at suppliers.

Trust and Reputation

The most valuable corporate asset of our company is the trust of its customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders towards us. The protection of our corporate reputation, which we have built throughout our activities, is one of our reasons for existence that we will never compromise.

Bribery and Anti-Corruption

Suppliers are prohibited from giving or offering bribes, payments or anything of value to any individual, and individuals of our company accepting them.


Forced Labor

Only voluntary and willing labor force is used in our company. As individuals, all of our business partners have been recruited from personnel candidates who want to work of their own free will. None of our employees are employed or employed by force through any threat, force, false claims or co-ercion.

Child Labor

Employment rules specified in local laws apply, employees under the age of 18 cannot be employed in hazardous jobs and night shifts to meet any of training purposes.


Violation of the immunity of the employees in any way through physical, sexual, psychological or emotional harassment in the workplace or any place where they are due to work; is against the law and cannot be allowed in anyway. Behaviors that may cause humiliation and embarrassment to any of our employees, verbal abuse, nickname-taking, gossip or behaviours that may disturb the peace and harmony of the workplace cannot be tolerated.

Violence in the Workplace

In our company, words and behaviors containing threats, harassment, hostile acts, insults or humiliation cannot be tolerated in the daily business environment or in any unit of the company. Any behavior that damages company assets is also prohibited. Legal requirements against such behavior are met without any discrimination.


Our company does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, country, gender, religion or disability in any employment-related decision, including recruitment, promotion, compensation, benefits, training, mandatory dismissal and termination.

Giving & Receiving Gifts

Except for commercial tradition and promotional materials, any gift sent by the supplier that creates the impression of the existence of an irregularity, which may cause or be perceived as a dependency relationship, can not accepted by Akos people.


It is not possible to define all forms of unethical behaviors or all illegal processes and include them within the scope of the Code of Ethics naturally. Your most accurate guide is your personal conscience, common sense and your understanding of unconditional compliance with the obligations arising from laws and regulations and contracts. It is our company's wish and working condition that these values ​​are your guide for all matters not listed above.


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